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Warning: This game contains strong violence and extreme gore
Traveling across time and space looking for trouble
1st-May-2011 07:45 pm(no subject)
Oh boy...I might be volunteering myself to possibly host a RPF 1sm here...not sure how I feel about it lol but I would rather do that then see the work that has previously been down disappear...
20th-Jan-2011 11:25 pm - Fanfiction.net Strike

You may want to read this little article. There's been a strike instituted throughout the community with good reasons.


It is seriously ridiculous, and I for one am going to find a new site to read/write on because I'm sick of this site.
(I might just start my own site some day lol)
8th-Jan-2011 09:01 am(no subject)

It's a good sign when someone doesn't delete you from Facebook after a major argument right? Or is there a possibility the friendship could still be ruined?

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5th-Jan-2011 08:48 am - Work blows...my mind

You really need to shut up. You are too loud and annoying for this early in the morning. No more goofy sounds no more singing randomly and horribly. Please I beg of you. It was nice and quite before you came in this morning.

"I'm singing Christmas carols for you!" (and in my opinion badly off key and out of tune.)

Gee thanks. Stop now please. Thanks.

And considering you were supposed to be here at 8:15 and you got here at 8:20 (when we open at 8:25) do you think you could eat breakfast at home? Instead of fucking around here and making breakfast AFTER you get here.

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9th-Dec-2010 10:01 pm(no subject)

People are pissing me off. I'm feeling really antisocial.

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17th-May-2010 02:06 am(no subject)
*waves like a maniac* Hi lj I'm back! (though I don't know how long this time will last lol)
20th-Nov-2009 04:11 am(no subject)
HOLY CRAP NEW MOON! HOLY CRAP! Taylor lautner one of THE hottest guys out there! *gotta remember he's 17 megan, gotta remember, just got his license last year, is he worth going to jail...*
18th-Nov-2009 04:52 am(no subject)
Okay so I've only been searching the Waters of mars spoilers for like 30 minutes but I can definitly declare my favorite review quote, and it comes from the funniest reviewer :) goldy_dollar! So here it is!

"-With all the talk of DT leaving and discussion on whether he can come ~back~, I'm now picturing some of the Doctor's incarnations getting together and being like, "Yeah, this is going to take all of us, but DON'T CONTACT THE TENTH ONE. THAT GUY IS CRAZY." --goldy_dollar

I have to say you made my night :)
18th-Nov-2009 04:37 am(no subject)
16th-Nov-2009 10:37 am(no subject)
Okay so I will have upgraded internet by the end of the business day today...that means you bill! We're playing some damn left for dead 2 demo tonight :) (and I'd love to say I'll play tomorrow but I work 2pm-midnight tomorrow :( )
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